Mint Julep

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Author blackson
Tags action author:blackson featured kra rated
Created 2011-01-02
Last Modified 2011-01-02
by 18 people.
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Description I made a kra map. It took me 2.2 Rhapsody in Blue's worth to AGD this map. And I mean the 13 minute version of Rhapsody in Blue.

This map was featured on 2011-08-16

Keeping a rocket alive is a tough challenge.
Combine that with a spiky tileset and funky gold placement...
A tough challenge just got tougher.

But we are ninjas.
We laugh in the face of danger and spit in the eye of zap drones.
Get your fingers on your keyboards and hold your breath.

It's going to be a bumpy ride. — ChrisE

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Pleasantly chill and fruity.
Demo Data

Fun stuff

When I first started for the AGD I thought it would be too hard but it ended up being a fun challenge. I like that you didn't overload the map with smaller difficulties, but rather kept it brief yet challenging. I do wish it weren't quite so obviously cheatable, but oh well. 4/5

Proper AGD:
Demo Data

Oh eNlightened

It'e like you're slowing down time or something. Magnificent speed!

Wish I had a brother so he could play this map and demo


that last line was supposed to be the colour of the backdrop. That part of BBCode doesn't work on here?

Not much of a KRA

Also you are all noobs, my AGD is 3 frames faster than that terrible player Romaniac. HAhahahahhahahaha

-eNlightened's brother

(This is actually a minimum left demo if you plug in something like 2300 frames. Minimum in this case being the very first frame).
Demo Data

haha atob

By the way,

I think most people would consider posting somebody else's demo (your "brother's" in this case) as your own a form of cheating.


He did it, ´cause he loves me, I think


so mad at ur bro rite nao

why is

everyone's brother a cheating arsehole?
But, I didn´t do that purposely,
My brother plays N too and, you know, I told him that I can´t beat your demo so he tried it, than he show me this demo, and I believed he really did it, you know, so I posted "his" Demo.
And as I read you comment below, I asked him and he finally admited it.
So sorry,.. but don´t call me a cheater, beacause I don´t cheat!
How dare you manually edit your demo so that it appears to be faster, and then claim that it is faster.

You know as well as I do that your demo is only 559 frames. A simple check on Nreality shows this.
I'm disappointed in you. I believed you to be a new and good upcoming talent for us to compete with. But now?
Come clean. We have no tolerance for cheating.


This AGD-Demo shows completely, how much n00b, Romaniac is
1 frame faster ;)
Demo Data

Fastest AGD

Demo Data



Fastest AGD by half a second
Demo Data
Demo Data


Would be faster, but I lost one piece...

Demo Data


Demo Data


for the funs
Demo Data

Just as fast AGD

Demo Data


yeah... the beginning wasn't good, it doesn't even work if you're going somewhat fast. and the map is cheatable. i see the makings of a nice flowy action map, but as a KRA, i didn't like it much.
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"In English, the plural of ninja can be either unchanged as ninja, reflecting the Japanese language's lack of grammatical number, or the regular English plural ninjas."


I had the rocket alive until the end but then it hit the ground and I just finished it the cheating way, lol.
a little more refining would have made it much more enjoyable.


me up

The start

is to give the rocket time to get to the ninja, which allows you instant maneuverability upon falling out of the tunnel.


Demo Data


simply genius! both the map and the review!

The start

ruin the entire thing.

I'm with Ferox.

This is definitely something.

This needs to be in 1.5



I see

some Sunset bounceblock patterns here.


One of the best KRA's i've ever played!
if you just remove the locked door at the end, it'll be uncheatable. otherwise its pretty good. i havent played many levels like this, but its feels like its missing something... but i guess it cant have too much or else it'd be too hard. 4
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awesome, got it
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