Pharoh Faucet

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Author blue_tetris
Tags action author:blue_tetris drone gold pharoh puzzle unrated
Created 2011-01-15
Last Modified 2011-01-15
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Description kyozo needed something easier.

Are you a gourmand for golden delights? Take a stroll through this ancient Egyptian complex. Get 'em all golds! Or just for a quick demoing... ' _> '


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Big Improvement ...

Yeah, I left NUMA and have come back and saw this as one of my (so called) dedicated maps :P
Anyway ... I have gone from 2600 to 1605 ... NUMA 0th ... Yay!
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Great map

Here's a speedrun. 0th on Nreality.
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Ineffective, rather.

Wrong demo.

Really cool map.

I like this new Dave stuff.

Check this out. Weird gauss evasion.
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Demo Data
So 5/5!

Oh, now i see why have you disable the ratings now ^^


Thanks for this ...

Also, I fail at this one too ... although I still managed it.

2600f for fuck sake.
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