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Author -Jol-
Tags author:-jol- featured hard minejumper unrated
Created 2011-02-15
Last Modified 2011-02-15
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Description my first (this is a minejumper, right?) minejumper. the fastest speedrun and the fastest agd gets a ded (the score have to be online on nreality)

i think the map isn't that hard :)

This map was featured on 2019-02-15

Of the 8 types of enemies in N, none is more deadly than the mine. It is simple, unmoving, unyielding. It makes sense, then, that an entire genre of maps, known as 'mine jumpers', would have you avoiding coming into contact with an enemy type that requires you to run into it. This aptly named map keeps things simple, trading the classic cramped, precision jumping for a more aerial approach to this kind of map. While it may seem daunting at first, the jumps remain relatively similar, meaning you'll be soaring for the hard-to-reach gold in no time. — origami_alligator

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I love the aesthetics, and I love how many ways there are to complete each section. It's very forgiving and open for a minejumper. Fun.
AGD on nreality.
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...and Jol's first feature! how strange. congrats, Jol, if you see this ^_^

a well-made map for sure, if not my sort of thing. i found the first switch too difficult to ever get a completion. quite impressed with how the same exact jump is used in a variety of ways.

A sloppy

AGD-1 from me. Can be improved very easily. There are a good 3 things I missed or didn't do in this run that can shave a good amount of frames.

Will probably attempt it again later.

The map itself has a high replay value (which is huge for me when it comes to rating a map). The 5-tiles were placed in their best positions. Despite the jumps being repetitive, it never got boring to me. I kept messing around with ways to improve my run.

As I said above there's at least 3 things I didn't do which in my run here; and they can cut a good 30 frames IMO
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Agreed with ska

Review is very well written.

AGD coming up soon
I look forward to playing it!

I would've gone for the AGD, but some of this gold is really inconvenient to get.
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No, its Marth.

Same game though.

Improved agd

by 700+ frames, and submitted speedrun.
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Do you want to try to collab a double KRADDA?


is definitely a minejumper. You're also right that it isn't too hard to complete. I don't like all the gold placement though, for agd. The top set at the 2nd switch I don't think can be gotten in one pass after getting the switch. All the others were positioned well. First agd up on NReality, I might improve on it and I'm going to go for speedrun too.

Great and difficult. Have not seen this before.

Ich mag nicht wirklich Minejumpers aber Ich liebe die tiles
Wir sollten mal ein collab machen