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Author The_King_in_The_North
Tags action author:the_king_in_the_north ender minimal playable porta-potties unrated
Created 2011-02-18
Last Modified 2011-02-21
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Description Yup, im pretty bad at this.

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Orson Scott Card is a very good science fiction writer. I enjoyed the Ender's Game Trilogy. . . just did a web search and see there were 3 books past Xenocide. Hmmm... I rarely read beyond 3 books in a series. I only read the first Harry Potter. The Narnia Chronicles are an exception, but I was in 6th grade when I read all of those.

Regardless, I remember really enjoying Ender's Game when I read it almost 20 years ago.
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I finished it.
It was amazing.

And I cried on page 270.
So don't spoil the ending.


Read Speaker for the Dead recently for the first time and enjoyed it very much.

interesting map.

you could NaN the laser but still really good.

that gold placement

was annoying at first, but then I realized how right it is for this map.

Beautiful minimalism. AGD
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it caught my eye.