Non-Consensual Gender Reassignment Surga

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Tags author:lukesv rated redeye
Created 2011-02-19
Last Modified 2011-02-20
by 9 people.
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Description First Numa-Con Submission since Muse.

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Also I now understand why I kept playing laser maps.. redeye is in that time frame :P.

The tunnel is a bit annoying, especially trying to get back through past the laser. And I was kinda expecting something beneath the bb :P But all in all a nice submission.

oh this is nice


yay :D


I just realized that not many people were in the contest - maybe four. I just stopped.


for subdark?
apart from that, fun.



Nice tile style
I like it
I started 1/27/07. But you're welcome for the mention.
that you were showing me you creating on IRC?

A BIG LUKESV style Map !!!
with Laser
for Numacon

Sorry if the waiting pisses you off. Also I suggest going for the exit switch first before getting the bottom gold.