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Author Life247
Tags author:life247 mapdraft unrated
Created 2011-02-23
Last Modified 2011-02-23
Map Data

Description Going Home In A Body Bag
2 Rocket Launchers
1 Chain Gun Drone
1 Locked Door
2 mines
7 Gold

Beast Denied
You can't place 'six' Tiles in your map.

The Devil is a really fun guy up close by flagmyidol
6 '3' tiles
6 '5' tiles
6 '2' tiles

Waverider by toasters
3 '8' Tiles
3 '4' Tiles
1 Seeker Drone

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These rules seem frustrating. You've handled them cleverly.
Also flag, I let maxson use my packs from Kickstart, so I guess you had made some. :p

non fbf

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woah now

when did i get involved in this crazy shit?
they are two and five tiles put together.


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