15-3: Classical Mushroom Version 2.0

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe classicmechanical featured rated uap
Created 2011-02-24
Last Modified 2011-02-24
by 26 people.
Map Data

Description Map 079

Classic Mechanical Concepts.
Version 2.0 of 15-2: Classical Mushroom.
Floorguards / Drones


This map was featured on 2011-03-11

This map has an
interesting, yet so simple
main concept...
it's all about what's
named hidden in the text...
gee, look at the first letters of each line!

Yes, you read 'Timing'.
Most NUMA maps have this factor but Classical Mushroom Version 2.0 by zoasBE plays in another league. It got my excitement after one or two attempts - faster than every other simplicity map which I've played in the last months.

Can you feel the kick as well? — Chrdrenkmann

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First try AGD

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this even though it was very similar to the last one is way better. I think it is harder to get stuck in the rafters.

also the drones are slower than floor guards so that doesnt piss me off as much. Oh and good idea taking the guass out of the middle there.

Ignore the above ramblings...this map is great 5/5

NGD attempt

Could be possible after few tries, but I wont bother.
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Demo Data


Quite an interesting challenge imo.
It is still probably improvable but an ngd is harder than sr or agd.
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1 featured map. Omg why the hell is this ugly map featured..


Nice. ; )

This map was just a thrill to play, I quite enjoyed the one way mechanics, I may use that.




Buddy Lee, Buddy Free, Bruce Lee ...
I do not know how to name you!
WOAW! 5/5 to your AGD ... Congratulations Buddy!


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This featured map gets maaaany comments.


Never mind, didn't see his 529 ^^


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Phenomenal run,

Buddy Lee.

Fun map. Didn't like the extraneous tiles.


Wonderful gameplay.
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nice one.
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Today is a good day. I received my first Featured! I'm happy.
I tell everyone that I put much love and hope by creating this map. I hope you have enjoyed it as I enjoyed creating it for everyone.

to Chrdrenkmann ...

... a bigger thanks!!!

to all ...

... thanks!!!


Congratulation zoasBE!
Nice map
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Anyways, congrats zoas. I've played a few of this style before, but I like how this felt more open than them all without losing the concept. I agree with koipen though.. what's the thought behind the ending?
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better than I thought it would be. enough substance to keep me playing and not frustrating. congrats on your feature.


Being fast is not a concept, it's pretty much the basis of the game. Be fast and get the fuck out, then you win.


Congrats. And, as usual, well done to Chrdrenkmann with the review.
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thanks for the corner thingy near the end, took me long enough to get it as it was ¬¬
at the far right, if you jump any sooner, you cant hold left after you jump so you dont have enough speed to stay infront of the floor guard right till the end. Jump any earlier and you miss the switch, and if you slow down in the air the floor guard gets you. jump anylater and you hit the floor guard.
i did extensive testing.
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This is awesome

congrats dude you deserve it!

sub-700 possible I guess
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bit faster agd
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is a great little map. Very well built and a lot more fun than I thought it would be. gets quite intense without ever being too crowded, and that's really something considering the limited use of space and amount of enemies.

Fav'd. Well earned, zoasBE.

this is so far from simple, and timing isnt a huge factor, I got the highest nreality demo on my second try...
also, you're demo is not maxed rozer, the wait to jump on the right wall was too long and you didnt do the corner wall jump to speed your way down (e.g.)
eitherway, congrats zoasBE on your feature
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the concept is being as fast as possible

NIe Zoas

Congrats. nice map
The map focusses on the start area which has a really easy mechanic.
Good map, but not my cup of tea.
Nice Demo Rozer :)
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I liked this map, but palemoon has a point. This map isn't a stellar example of simplicity.

Congrats zoas ^^
You deserve it.