Island Universe

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Author TheNCreator
Tags author:thencreator flow race rated rockets timing tnc
Created 2011-03-04
Last Modified 2011-03-10
by 9 people.
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Description I decided to use bounceblocks (a lot of them.)

I really like how the two rockets get some awesome paths between the "islands." It results in some really sweet, hair raising close calls.

You'll need to be fast to beat the drones.

This map is dedicated to 1211!!!!!

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what do you mean by clean style? I mean come on. thats really helpful

I hate timing maps a lot

Hate the start. Natural instict goes left. Bottom is empty.

Try sometimes to make a race with clean style.

Really good

I love races fullfilled with action and creatively pathed. This is one of them. Although it's really hard, it looks and plays very good. Maybe you used too many bounceblocks, but that didn't distracted me from enjoying the map.

Because being self critical proves you are making much better races. :3

I dislike the oneways at the start, and the launchpads might be used a bit too much, but your flow is ingenious <3

great race you've come a long way!
Not that challenge is a bad thing, this race is great. Thanks for the ded!
thats a bad sign
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