Fixing the Pipes

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Author stonedeagle
Tags action author:stonedeagle rcepoints unrated
Created 2011-03-23
Last Modified 2011-03-23
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Go Plumber go.
This is an RCEpoints map
The time to beat in HS is: 100.00
The frames to beat in SR is: 1750
My personal best in HS is: 111.450
My personal best in SR is: 1650
For each one of those you beat, you get one point.
If you beat both times to beat (as in not my personal best), you get an extra point.
The most points possible is 5 points.
For each point you get, you can post a map for me to RCE, If you don't post a map with your demo, I will just go find one of your maps to RCE.
If you want to play more maps like this type: rcepoints into the searchbox. But right now there is only one other one, and it was a test for this setup and is not very exciting. I hope I can make more maps with this setup in the future.

This should be a great set-up for anyone who has a map they feel is underappreciated and want RCE's on it, and I hope others soon implement this rcepoints setup, as I feel like it encourages people to play your maps, and also encourages you to play theirs.


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I'm guessing you liked the first one better two then :P hahaha :) Aight


Well I hope you got fun playing with my old maps. Anyway if you want to open contests like this, you should try to use simpler maps. These drones can ruin your record at the end so maybe it's better if you don't make maps of rcepoints with more than 1000 frames.


that last one was my SR run
This is my HS:
Demo Data


I'm legit..
I just don't like showing you gies my routes.. its cheating for a contest.
So I don't post them right away.
Here's HS:
Demo Data

proofs of your times or it never happened


I'm up for some of anything or everything. Just let me know. :). I can start gettin on mIRC again if it may be worth it.

Well I don't consider myself a good mapper, but we can work together sometime, if you'd want to...


well I'd appreciate some help from better mappers picking up on this concept :P I know I'm not a good mapper :P

I didn't enjoy this, it felt like a race that had very little flow...I like the concept of the rce thing but try a better map :3