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Author flagmyidol
Tags author:flagmyidol episodic moa-reject rated
Created 2011-04-01
Last Modified 2011-04-01
by 5 people.
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Description Revamped Memoirs map. Hypothetically for an episode.

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I never thanked you for my feature. So, thankyou. (-:


Sub-400 possible, bt im not on the mood of doing it now :P
Cool map :D
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Could I possibly submit a review for the numacon map?
Well I wrote one.
Enjoy mate []


change it to,
"wants sunset inside him."

eganic! You're still bouncing along too? Damn.

If we get NARC rolling you can even have a profile page again.


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Demo Data


Unfortunately, I can't write a review for the 29th.
I hope you can find another person for this day. D:

I prefered the other version, still nice though
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good joke, I've fallen !!!
made me smile my own stupidity ...

I have a question

I read that you have written "great pack because i definitely played it all just now" in the ChrisE's Mentalitation map, where is the pack?
you can help me?
(4 for the map)

4/5 & AGD

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but unexceptional, tiles are nice though. 3/5
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In fact, there is. All Possible Gold Demo.


haha love it. AGD. or all you can get.. is there an acronym for that? xD 5/5
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Better version :)