MAX ping-pong!

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Author lori_csabi
Tags author:lori_csabi bublegum chocolate featured gumybear jawbreaker rated
Created 2011-04-04
Last Modified 2011-04-04
by 12 people.
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Description well this is my first normal map in a while now.. so enjoy if possible ^^
(ok so I fixed it
it should be easyer now... thank you)

This map was featured on 2011-07-10

You were interrupted at match point, but now things have changed.

Running. Hiding. You had better practice your concealment, because you'll be doing a lot of it. The two rockets are out to get you, and the explosives that their owners have left behind are enough to get in your way.

You'll need to be swift, but I reckon you can do it. Keep your head down, hide your paddles... This is no game of ping pong. — ChrisE

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you deserved it :)

crazy miner

it remines me of the crazy miner
don't say anything about the map

i'd expect reviews to point out factors that make the map stand out from all the "kinda good" maps that show up on the hot maps page every day

not really saying it's you in particular but really all the reviewers right now
there was only one way to go, and that was through the exit key bit. I wanted to be able to climb straight up, and it seems pointless to restrict that.

hohhooo :)

thank you ChirsE!
It doesn't play horribly, though.

Doesn't play well at all, the purpose being a nice thumbnail. Reviewers, step it up a bit!
looked like the rings of saturn or something like that

Had this faved ages ago, great feature!

Maybe I'll post some older stuff from my hard disk. Lol.

those tiles!!!!!
apreciate ewery word!


Thisll be featured

Love the look

looks like a phedi map on speed - but the play doesn't feel refined at all.

As lsudny said, this is difficult to move around in and, imo, is super unintuitive.

Needs a lot more work, but it has the potential to be very special.

Very nice design.
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that upper right corner is a hell of a mess.

Swadloon says:

This is a fantastic map. I love the atmosphere you've created - and the difficulty level is perfect.

Good job!

Death demo.

Some cool dodges with the rocket thrown in for post-worthiness.
Quite nice atmosphere you got here!
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Cool map though.


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If you removed the two mines by the lock keys I would love it lol


Incredible tiles..

Nice map.

Kinda difficult to move on for me, but it's cool.
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leaving the lock room is terrible, but the rest is awesome! if you fix that it will be awesome.