Leap, Fall, But Never Land

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Author Erik-Player
Tags action author:erik-player conceptual mapdraft3 playable rated
Created 2011-04-22
Last Modified 2011-04-22
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description The seeker isn't a problem until you make it the problem.

Shattered Dreams by Diamondeye
30 '2' tiles
30 '3' tiles
8 tiles of own choice, barring '4' or '8' tiles.

No Tiles? No Problem! By Im_bad_at_N
30 One Ways
15 Bounceblocks
5 Launchpads

Netamet Pack 1
15 gold
1 floorguard
1 blue drone (Seeker)
1 blue drone (Normal)
1 Locked Door
1 Trap Door
1 Mine
8 'One' Tiles
15 'E' Tiles

Birds of a Feather
You may only place gold if it is in clumps of 4 or more.

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I knew this was mapdraft. The start is maybe a bit awkward but everything else is great.
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grats on 3rd :]
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a bit puzzlish, is a completly adventure to beat fast. 5

Good job.

I dunno.

I think it could've been better. :/
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Faster agd

Tiles provide interesting gameplay
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There are few mapdraft maps that aren't. beh, oh well, it plays nicely.
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