Secluded Abode

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Author euphoria
Tags author:euphoria jumper puzzle unrated
Created 2011-04-26
Last Modified 2012-04-14
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Description This is the second visit to this reclusive place, and things are a little different. For one it has changed location!

A re-worked extract from one of my previous maps

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Edit to remove a change I hastily made minutes before. This is the same as when it was posted

Fantasy is creative

beautiful map 5

AGD Attempt

Topside complete, blah
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I'm ok with being able to get back up the way it's possible. If you mean on the trap-door that closes down lower, that's intentional

and the aesthetics are marvelous

good improvements. keep it up. 5


I liked the top. I disliked the bottom. The bottom was a jumper, not a puzzle. :? And it was cheatable. If you fall down at the bottom you can get back up with a wee bit of skill.

God. I suck so hard at N.
Demo Data

First try.

Demo Data


Quick demo to show some of the sections, and a death I did not expect. I took the easy completion of the second bounce-block area, which locks you out of all-gold completion
Demo Data