Osama is Dead

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Author darkcrusader
Tags action author:darkcrusader bin darkcrusader gold laden unrated
Created 2011-05-02
Last Modified 2011-05-02
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Description Don't pretend you give a sh*t, remember what you said he did you muthafuc*in' hypocrite.

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screw that gold.
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i remember seeing this map on that day.

Long time no see

Short one.

You can squeeze down along the laser after jumping the exit switch peace in one jump but it's insanely hard with the laser timing. The angle and momentum have to be just right.
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Plays awesomely if the rocket doesn't follow you into the laser den, otherwise it's too much. Solid 3.5^, very action packed for the confined space.
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Also lol at APulse.
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oh my god

The united states suck at hide and seek.
Osama fucking won the game for 11 years.