Lack of Vision Causes Blindness

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Author mystro23
Tags 23 author:mystro23 featured life247 mycollabs mystro rated
Created 2011-05-04
Last Modified 2011-05-04
by 18 people.
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Description Collab with Life247.
He is a teleporter genius!
That being said...there are teleporters!

This map was featured on 2012-03-16

Aah, here it is! A new feature!

Lack of Vision Causes Blindness is, truly, a feat of all N teleporter maps. The mechanics are spot on, the objects are well placed....
it's incredible. You're turning your eyes left and right trying to find a way to escape..

need I say more?

This map caused lack of vision. I can't see waht im dougngi dang itim bling — apakenua

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Which is actually really cool but just thought i'd let people know.
Even though I don't like mystro any more.
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I hadn't been able to connect for the longest time and heard it was down but just today its finally back. I am so happy, this is excellent.
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yu bak?

<3 apakenua



super slow AGD but it feels great to play again.
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Highly enjoyable!

As to NUMA, there are a few stray souls left vegetating around here. But yeah, it's rather an artificial respiration. Please someone turn it off or magically cure it! It doesn't deserve this coma.

NUMA is dead. Please use NARC:

AGD. :)

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Cool beans.

I don't do irc, so yea I'll hit you up in a little.


I loved those drones. They were the highlight of this map for me. It was a shame that the middle drones were so easily skippable though.

Sick map.

Also Romaniac swearing at you for an improved AGD.
Also longest comment I've ever seen GokuGB post.
Also teleporters...


I will add this map to my favourites...
Nice teleport...
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on my previous comment D:<

quite a few awkward jumps :I
nice teleporter use, no annoying glitches so I'm glad about that :]
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I was trying to post a map, but my browser gave me an error.

So i just tried to post a map and change it to mine, but i failed ^^


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fuck you.
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First try


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sub 1400 agd

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It's a good map, not spectacular though. It was good to see the teleporters were all functional. Perhaps it would have been good to make the middle area smaller (outside area larger), so it would feel like you were teleporting into something, not out of the small starting area. Still, a nicely put together map.
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