Living Life on the Edge

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Author jasdanu
Tags author:jasdanu dedsgiven minejumper unrated veryhard
Created 2011-06-03
Last Modified 2011-06-03
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Map Data

Description HEY GUYS! Ya I left for awhile due to League of Legends (my name: jasdanu). Anyways I thought about making a hard map so here it is. Not easy. At all.

A DED will be given for:
Fastest Highscore AGD
Fastest Speedrun

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Demo Data
Demo Data


This was going really well...
Demo Data


217 frame speed, non-FBFed. :)
Demo Data

Very hard, indeed

That being said, here's a speedrun 160 frames faster than aero's run.
Demo Data


Demo Data least I beat it...
Demo Data
Demo Data