Amazon Sunset

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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- destiny jungle playable race rated sunset
Created 2011-07-07
Last Modified 2011-07-07
by 11 people.
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Description I am a man of my word, here is the race I promised Sunset. Thanks to Meta for the playtest.

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Q: Meta? Why did you say no enemies? (Meme translation: Meta! Y u no like enemies!?")

A: I was tired the day I playtested. I felt the lack of enemies was relaxing.

Solid 4 from me

Could have used a little bit more excitement enemy wise I think.

i agree with fotf -

the top left is good, the rest is average. i like the loop in the tiles to the left of where the ninja starts, too.
but all the same, agd. this map is generally 4/5 material, some things, especially the launchpad on the top left (thats partly personal preference), but more importantly the lull in excitement and speed that spans over half the bottom section of the map, however there are also 5/5 moments such as the top left bounceblock reversal (then use of it directly after to stop the ninja from falling so fast and keeping it on track), the moving fall on the right (as in where you have to move while faling to keep the flow [something i always really like in races, and it's done really well there), and finally the launchpad at the end and how it propels you so smoothly towards that final wall (although one time i went too far from the jump prior and ended up catching the tiles you're meant to pass).

So all together a solid 4, but with some really really great bits and some .. less great. bits.
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I still stand by what I rated earlier.
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fuck yeah

finally back

very good

your races still represent my favorite maps from you, destiny :)
Fortunately for you all Seneschal nailed it. Thanks for the feedback ^^


very nice map
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aesthetichs: 5
enemies/close calls: 2
flow: 4.5
bounceblock mechanisms: 4.5
avg: 4
That top bounceblock-thing looked AMAZING, but where just too hard to pull of to me...

Flow demo.

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Frustrating me

gets a 3/5
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