Four Faced

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Author ChrisE
Tags author:chrise dragon survival unrated
Created 2011-07-12
Last Modified 2011-07-12
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description They breathe fire. Sort of.


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enlightened. You can get past them, but as demonstrated in my demo, you can't survive the fall.
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better with gold because it will force the player to move around the map instead of finding a cheat spot.
but it's pretty damn close to it.
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I'm positive that

this is possible.
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but Example 4.
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ChrisEEEEEEE... :p

Example 3 still works :p
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this one:
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you forgot to edit the upper hole that shows up miststalker in the second example. edit it.
simply, I want your map is great! ;)

you guys ;-;

My maps always seem to have holes in.
And accidently landed in a much easier one.

Great map though. I hate to say it but this is even more fun than mine.
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This probably isn't, but idk.
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Got it.
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Theoretically, this is possible as well.
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I found a spot where I can sit forever.
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Example 3.

This was actually tough. A good challenge in itself.
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Example 2.

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,) look...

is already created and finished, but you have to wait to 28-0 and following (I have several ...)


the second place! (first mine...)


I created the same idea (something similar) to NUMAcon, shit!


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