Flow Assist (Ver. 2)

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Author _destiny^-
Tags assist author:_destiny^- destiny flow playable race rated
Created 2011-07-18
Last Modified 2011-07-18
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description The much anticipated sequel to the three year old Flow Assist []

Place the ninja on a piece of gold to play a small piece of flow. The idea of the map is that you can take these small pieces of flow and use them within your own races. The flow in this one is a little more advanced than in the first, so if you're brand new to races maybe check that one out first.

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Hey, made a version 3, or "advanced" one ;) check it out []

Yep, i used "Flow Assist", but i need a "Flow Assist 3", with some advanced stuff, how andreas said.

so you did it.

the second part. :D
These are just some of my standard smooth jibberjabby without any of the fancy tiles, so that other people can insert them into their races. The idea is not to come up with all the good ideas for them.
is so good. everything else is terrible.


Dude, this is sweet!

very nice!! though some of these are pretty basic too... you should make a v.3 with some very advanced stuff! :D


very cool concept

nice work, here!