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Author _Sketch
Tags action author:_sketch bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-12-15
by 19 people.
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Description "Over the temple of lost tower, where the climbers never succeed there lives a force of darkness. One blast of this force and everyone goes blind, switch to the white ninja, for one blast and you will lucky to have the ground your standing on be clear to you"

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And with every step he's losing life fast! Better get to the health center quick!
Screen flutters. Flutter. Flutter.

i hate math

but i love this map. i dont know why. its simple, short, and pretty easy. but i love to play it. its fun, which is rare these days. i think its the "nowhere is safe" thing that i like 5/5
This is pretty accurate for horizontal...


Thats correct

its simple equsion if you change the variables to a number it reaches out of human range making it too big for humans exceeding the size of the screen there must be a limit.


But if you change one of the variables to 10,000,000 then the line completely disappears it seems to me.


The glitch is caused by a magnified gause positioned far away which charges the magnifacation the farther it is, yes you are correct.

I didn't use white

But considering this was the first time I had seen this glitch, I like it
Demo Data




I'm assuming that the glitch happens because the gauss is REALLY, REALLY, far away.

cool glitch

it's really hard to do, but i like the glitch a lot, and the description is cool. i couldn't beat it though. i might even go so far as to place this as a puzzle.