Flow-Assist - Advanced

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Author andreas_xx
Tags assist author:andreas_xx flow flowassist race unrated
Created 2011-08-05
Last Modified 2011-08-05
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Description This is a concept i think destiny came up with. The point is to help new race-mappers to make a creative flow by putting som small parts of flow in one map, so you can try them of, one by one. All you have to do is to put the ninja on a piece of gold and hit play ;) if these parts a bit too harsh for you, go check Destiny's... they are a bit more basic
Destiny's two Flow-Assists:
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Try reading the description ;)

There's no player!

You cant make a race without a player!

I know I know :)

dont get me wrong I like this idea. Every learning material is usefull for beginners.
The first one being that these maps were aimed for beginners to the genre, the second one being that I wanted them to come up with their own creative sections. This kind of thing does the hard work for them.

b3n, this is supposed to be a help to show whats possible to make in a race... not a complete race-maker ;)
however, this is basic.

the best way to learn is to make a race and look for 'flow flaws' and make them better, or to alter the race so it has flow

slow agd. nice
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