Caves and Crystals

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Author Tacit
Tags author:tacit collab destiny race rated tacit
Created 2011-08-05
Last Modified 2011-08-05
by 7 people.
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Description Collab with _destiny^- []. He made first half of flow, I made second half. Everything else mostly by him.

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i'm too fast for u
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Demo Data

good race

different then other races. I like that
Meh, I guess it's okay like this.

I like the gold.

Appealing to me. Lol
it has some cool parts, but i often didnt feel it flowed enough or that it was forced int eh jumps. maybe its just the way i played it, but it was definitely memorable.


Destiny made an amazing first part here, and the second half is very good too. It looks very great.

instead, i have a speed-run :D
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This was very confusing to me... especcially the drones, and this middle part... to be honest, i didn't like it... nr
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