Like a box.

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Author NachoCheese
Tags author:nachocheese compact rated
Created 2011-10-02
Last Modified 2011-10-02
by 6 people.
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Description A theme from the homepage.
Nothing spectacular.

Have fun everyone. :D

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My original thinking was a multiple exits map, but yours is definitely much more puzzly and could work out much better. Definitely, let me know what I can do in the meantime :)

(By "I haven't seen it used before" I mean used in a neat gameplay way, that is)

found it

Here's the map that I was thinking of: 188336.

By the way,

that's a pretty good review. Maybe you could say a bit more about the map in question.

and wtf is with the author of the current review? you should demand his privileges haha

have you seen the

ninja pathing glitch? There's a glitch where if you apply a rotating path to the ninja, then the ninja will follow that path, until an area trigger, say triggered by a drone, is activated to stop it. I haven't seen it used before and it seems like a cool mod to toy around with.

Slightly modified

Demo Data

Almost beat it but slipped.


Demo Data

This is fun

Several different routes. I believe this one is fastest though: :)
Demo Data
Better, but not optimal.
Demo Data


quite puzzly.
Demo Data

Almost beat it but slipped.