What What Said What?

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Author ChrisE
Tags author:chrise rated rocket
Created 2011-10-06
Last Modified 2011-10-06
by 6 people.
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Description Have faith in the fall.

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with some fantastic dodges. I adore the style of your maps. The two rockets provide some excellent while getting the gold. Also, the thwump tunnels was marvelous. Overall, good work. 5aved!
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That felt so cool. :D:D
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what can i do to make it up to you?


it was kind of just a joke


Stop being an asshole. Just stop.

= with _pai_mei_

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hey ChrisE

i find it impossible to think of you as a guy, so ill just keep thinking of you as a girl but always knowing your not

also, when i thought you were really a girl, i just thought you were the only girl on NUMA & everyone respected you because you didn't take shit from no one, now, i see you as (almost) a noob


Really like this map, the rockets give quite a challenge when going for that last gold to the right.
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