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Author paradox-dragon
Tags author:paradox-dragon ded gold jumper mine nreality unrated
Created 2011-10-07
Last Modified 2011-12-12
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description DED to AMLT [] again [] & golfkid []

In addition, golfkid will be removed from the list & AMLT, will discover he already has a DED from me

also, thanks to zoasBE [] for rating all these [] maps & mr_boss [] for giving some of them a 5th rating

NReality. im pretty sure this isn't cheatable, but if it is i will edit it.

the bounce blocks took ages (about 2 hours of coding & getting the wrong code)

i was speculating the mines but they are necessary (holy fuck, the amount of times ive misspelt "necessary" with NO spelling suggestions & having to retype it)

the environment can kill you, i thought this was difficult enough to get past so thats why theres no enemies, but if anyone mentioned above has an object or two they want to add just comment the object code & ill put it in

(i say edit this map alot because i dont expect it to get rated)

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Cool Map.

I like the bounceblocks. A lot of work put into them.
Underclocked Speedrun.
Demo Data
I forgot about that map, even though its only been a week. Guess thats what happens when I play too many maps, and don't spend very long on any single one of them.


Almost 1000 frames faster than your demo on NReality. :) Going up was definitely the hard part of this, I died several times trying to do so. Those blocks aren't very bouncy today.

Not sure exactly why I'm included in the ded, but certainly not complaining about it either. Would you care to enlighten me?
Demo Data

It's okay,

the concept could have been executed better, IMHO. Surprised the bounceblock coding took a long time, looks fairly straightforward.

Failing and making no sense perhaps ?

I have no idea what you are up to?

I would

play this, but I don't have nreality D:
oh well, heres a rating for u

Well it wasn't funny.