Tsugi No Mai

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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- destiny final playable race rated
Created 2011-10-26
Last Modified 2011-10-26
by 18 people.
Map Data

Description This will probably be my last map. I can't say that I'll never have a random urge to map once again, but for now I feel no such inclination. Maybe when 1.5 comes out I'll return, who knows. Either way I'd like to thank all of you in this community, because it's been a pretty great 5 years or so. Enjoy ^^

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fastest agd

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agd :D
when do you plan on re-mapping?
Demo Data

Oh man. Ok. :D But i am a fan of it. :)


you stopped mapping???



Hmm.. Can't find. :3
Maybe it wasn't yours? :O I dunno.

You did. :P
I am looking for the map.
a very late goodbye anyways
The title is japanese for 'Last Dance'

i like how it ends

right where it began. this race ends right where it began




Right when I was considering my return to the community. Its been great man, I've kept my eyes on you since you arrived and now you're leaving. Good luck in life my old friend, pop by every so often.



Bro, check it out.
This map has brought many comments from people I haven't seen in a long time.
Pop into IRC sometime so I can say Bye.

bye dude

ur race maps deserve above than an A+
its cool. bye . but come back soon ;D.


Come visit sometime.


See ya round


You'll make a map in 3 days. And then you'll say I'm back, We'll have frequent race maps again. And finally you'll never leave


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one question, have i to pay 20$ to use mIRC?
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Bye, man.

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bye ;_;

What is Dave?

Will miss your maps.
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It was a good run.

See you around.


bummer dude. I miss this place and all of you. :( N doesn't even work on my computer anymore.

i enjoyed

every map u made. imma miss u man with everyone else also. Hope to see you back.

I'll miss you

your races have always been brilliant and an inspiration

Goodbye destiny

I'll miss you and your amazing races. You were always my biggest race influence.

You're the greatest, destiny
Hope you do well. :)
Otherwise - goodbye, master of races. I always enjoyed playing your maps.

This is brilliant!

The top area with the bouncleblocks and launchpads were cool. Along with the thump mechanic at near the bottom make this one of my favorites from you. The flow was nice and relaxed, which I really enjoyed.
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I will remember you as the greatest race maker ever.

This map is brilliant.

dude, just because of you i learned how to make fucking races. don't leave. :S

aha. we needed, that you go. -.-'

Good bye mate you're a brilliant author. Sad to see you go.
Good luck in life's journey.

good bye!

your maps were always awesome and you will always be remembered as one of the elite N players ^^


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