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Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags action author:mohit_ghune dda rated rockets
Created 2012-04-22
Last Modified 2012-04-22
by 9 people.
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Description Well, now I have read a lot about making good DDA's, after my first dda (which was really sucking, i realised afterwards). I tried to make a better DDA, and the result is 'ActioN'. I think that this DDA is probably, one of the longest DDAs you might have seen. Thanks to '1211', 'ENT474', and 'kyozo_43' for their valuable suggestions and constructive criticism.

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Quality how you think its about to end but that's only half the map :)

My attempts

At an AGD are failing.
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Got a pretty neat speedrun. Easily beatable, but it's pretty good for me (it's a realtime run, on NReality for proof)
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Well, kind of.

If you and other members won't have guided me, I wouldn't be able to make a better DDA. Really thanks.;-)


Thanks for mentioning me in the description! Is this like a ded to us? :P

This is

Pretty damn awesome. I like the fact that you used lots of rockets, but when they started to form as one, you destroyed them. I liked this, so you get a 5/5 from me.