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Author Losttortuga
Tags action author:losttortuga playable rated
Created 2012-05-13
Last Modified 2013-01-23
by 7 people.
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here's a stylish little combo
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Ah, much better!

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Could be improved a lot but oh well :)
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I was on IRC the last few hours but now I need to head to bed. We can maybe try tomorrow.

I dislike IRC but I will get it running to collab with ya. Only for you. ;P

The entire top half of this map is pure gold. The rockets were too frustrating for me, otherwise would have been a perfect map imo. Also add me to skype and collab with me. ;D


I suck.
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filled with innovative jumps. Nice work.
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that part was probably my least favourite haha


good map this. bottom left was the best for me.
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Really enjoyed that bit in the top right corner especially.
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