A Floorguard's Paradise

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Author maxson924
Tags action afp author:maxson924 featured floorguard rated
Created 2012-05-15
Last Modified 2012-05-15
by 16 people.
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Description My favorite enemy!

This is about 100 times harder than my last map. Hope you enjoy.

This map was featured on 2015-04-30

“Hey! What the fuck are you doing here?”
“Uh… I’m a ninja? Going to places where we aren’t supposed to be is sorta our thing?”
“But not here! Never here! FUCK! Do you have any idea where you are?”
“This is floorguard paradise! Where they go when they die from over-exhaustion after chasing you fuckers! They can’t help it, it’s a reflex, they fucking hate it! And now you come here, invade the one place where they can just do their thing and chill with their buddies? Get OUT!”
“Did you hear me?”
“… Oh fuck me.”

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This map is... eh

Some close call spots, some cool jumps, but other than that it's sorta ugly and generic.
And while I don't really support swearing just to seem cool, I do feel that it works with the tone of the review and the frustration that it is supposed to convey on the part of the first speaker.

While there are other ways to establish this, they are not possible in 100 words, and I feel that the expletives are somewhat necessary to establish the intended tone.
Not a big fan of all the expletives on the front page, all-ages website and all.
Here's a speedrun completion.
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<Rose> thanks man!
<Rose> haha I love the review
A bronto-sore-arse.

Beat fingersonthefrets by 33 frames, still improveable.
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Discord! []

I didn't rate this?

And miststalker, that was the most unorthodox way to get by the fourth floorguard (out of the three on the left, the one at middle altitude). o_O Flashy, I like it.
Also, thanks for playing the pack! I feel I should point out that the versions I submit to numa are usually edited a fair amount from their pack versions; Eyesore is one of them, since I was never really satisfied with the gameplay in that one (I'm still not, but I think the numa version is the best iteration). Just to have anyone playing them at all, however, is lovely to hear!

I think Seneschal's demo be voted "Heartbreak of 2012".
Beating Manchester United's failure to win the Premier League by almost 70 points.

speed demo attempt

hit that same fucking mine again haha.
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sub 1800 AGD :)

yeah this was really cool. Though it didn't really bring anything new to the table and there were a few bits i wasn't as keen on as the rest of the map, I had way too much fun on this not to give it a 5 haha :) Floorguards are up there with my favs as well haha. Probably second favourite though.
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Demo Data
But the gameplay is spot on. The gameplay was fun enough that I kept playing around after completion until eventually I had an AGD. 5aved

Slow AGD:
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haha I do

but I actually have to go out for lunch now. I'll probably play some more tonight though :)
Your demos prove you like my map enough to keep playing. :D
but you should feel my pain. haha.
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Demo Data

sub 1900

is possible. I fucking hate that jump. haha.
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hahahaha. but sub 2000 is very much possible
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this has a cool

MTI-ish thing. in that once you know how to do it all it becomes pretty moderate difficulty. Which I like a lot.


only like, 5th try, too.
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Now that.

Is a hell of a run. I wonder if sub-2000 is possible.


Too many mines in places, but some great challenges. 4.
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Demo Data
Demo Data


Demo Data
Maybe I'll try to get a completion/APGD of my own.


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I should make a silly-detour-demo
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all possible gold death demo
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I hate you

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What a intense map man! ;)

Fuck you.

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