the trick

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Author Brttrx
Tags action author:brttrx playable recollection unrated
Created 2012-05-16
Last Modified 2012-05-16
Map Data

Description keep it real.

map six.

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In my case, I use to connect IRC.
The server is ' '
And there are some channels still, #n #n-mapping #n-highscores
And my personal mapping team is #insatiable, there is rose, paradox, trance (1211), sometimes jasdanu, kyozo, and sometimes me.
Simply choose a nick and connect it.
Hope you see there anytime soon..





is a collab group :)
Like, today.

Or, sometime this week.

Hey, I liked this.

However precise some of the movements may have been, I like them a lot. Though a lot of this is rough and unplayable.


well youre stupid. an easy 5/5 from me

btw i cant even lol
its like a child did the tiles and single or due gold pieces are stupid. sry, I would rate 3 but I dont

no playtest

and i dont mind.