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Author kyozo_43
Tags author:kyozo_43 blockish coordinatepathing drones history nreality unrated
Created 2012-06-03
Last Modified 2012-06-03
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Also Speedrun.

Faster than Pai_Mei. darestium, submit your scores to the NReality boards!
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The gauss is a threat if you go for AGD and the rocket is there so that it's not possible to have a breather (in that corner)
Also, darestium - "I bet you are quite a gentle man, Mr. Head Master."

AGD, slightly slower but realtime. Still sub 400.
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Mr Hutton... The ex-beast. "You're a gentleman and a scholar".
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veeerry interesting
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crazy map, though. i love that ninja color mod :D


crazy agd demo, gauss is not a threat, nor is the rocket..

tbh I dont like this map, just like your demo.

A quick

AGD to start you off.
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