0060. Thanks Harveyy

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Tags 3x3 author:vodkalover unrated
Created 2012-07-20
Last Modified 2012-07-20
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Description For Playing And Loving These Series And Such Words In Your Profile..

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Tied SR.
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Thanks for the ded though. Im terrible at this level...


Fun map :D
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Thanks kuri!!

I think I do now 5 maps a day. Not all of them are published. But I think I do.
Besides the VODKALOVER's series, I am working with several mappacks (remember these names CORaN, The Box, Far From Fehemence, you'll see..) some retiles and also finished sixth column of my regular profile.
But I accept the challenge gladly. ;)

heh heh

Nice map. I dare you to make 5 maps every day!


Slightly slower one but with a route change..
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