Aperture Science Itemtests 3 - Oneway platform

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Author HisTime
Tags action author:histime hard mines onewayplatform unrated
Created 2012-07-24
Last Modified 2012-07-24
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Description Can this even be called a Testchamber ? It's so wrecked

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Punchy your buns!
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Woah man,

this is like seriously hard dude. seriously.

First time I got past the trap door thing, you'll see I'm completely confused when I get to the top.
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0 ninjas, no trial.
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Pushes all the right buttons with me. The only part I'm not a fan of is the trap door jumps, I've never gotten the timing on those and as rusty as I am I don't stand a chance in hell of navigating them. I'll give this a try tomorrow (later today) when it's not 3am.

Oh and I'm joking about my map, that thing's a hellhole and unlike yours it doesn't even bare a passing resemblance to fun... at least for its first half.
I'll complete this if you complete mine. lol
A challenge accepted must be a challenge completed.

Also hows' life?


Also you can check if you want the progress, on every map that I've already do something, I'm posting the pastebin with the map like I do here. You can check also other maps from other mappers..


that mine never was a problem, why this 1 time ;(
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aaahahaha. I assume you play lol?

give up

if I barely can do the first part, I doubt the rest
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main room exiting c:
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The end of the main room is my best progress so far

Hey boy relax!!

Someone can explain this guy what happens?


haha :D
It's not even fun. This is literally just aggravating.

FFF >>> 64-4

Yeah :p

anyone who can make an AGD deserves a gold medal


hell this is hard
"hard" atleast for me, superhard and annoying


♫ I'm a buff baby that can dance like a man ♫
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