Episode 3 Level 2: cocteau said dreams are machines

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Author The_Mingler
Tags action author:the_mingler episode3 gunner hard playable rated
Created 2012-08-24
Last Modified 2012-08-26
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description A rather simple yet difficult level in the square episode. All gold is rather easy for this one, but you might want to avoid that machine-gun drone at all costs.

On a side note I will award every victorious player on this map with a shiny yet simple userbar.

Awarded userbars:


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AGD. ^.^
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Oh, thanks!

And be sure to check out The Sunday N. You've been featured in issue #5.
Anywho, can I have a fancy userbar plz?
Not very fast, I guess.
As for the map: cool, metanet-style and original.
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is also very nice. I love the cinematic feel of your music. two tracks so far, but I enjoy it. :D

I really like Tundra.
give me the link! :D and yeah, I think it was TBL. is he still around? I miss him.

I love it. :D

by the way, where are you from? weren't you from France or Belgium or something like that? (on the other hand I might be confusing you with someone else)



I did it!

can I please have my super cool userbar? :3

(it's LSUDNY but write in lowercase okay thanks)
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This is great fun! 4aved!
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Demo Data


Demo Data
I have many, I'm the big fan of these userbars, I want to collect them all!!! :P

oh, um, yeah.

whatever. I got it now.
more like, what do you need to do to get one of them. sorry, wrong question. :P
the userbars? TO COLLECT THEM!!!! ;)

derp, I cheated.

I don't want to dig through millions of comments so I'll just ask you :D what for are these userbars?

btw, fun map. 4/5
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That is!! That is perfect!!

You're awesome! Thanks you!!!

One Three Two

I loved Tundra, Gravity, Roes Raqui Del, which reminded me of Portal, Heavy Venture Ly, Feather. All the music is really good, I like it! :D


you understood my last explanation? I'm not sure if i write well.

Hm, music.

Gonna listen to it now.
And avatar is a piece of image about BoC :D
Anyways, I'm very thankful for the userbar :)
And I'm happy to know that there's a person whose taste matches with mine, it's a pleasure.
That duo inspired me for some maps, too.
db can see the banner obviously ;)

Faster AGD

And still improvable by a lot.
deep_blue doesn't know anything it's a surprise to him.
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Hi deep_blue!

I'm working on a little request zoasBE made me, but I'll get on working on your userbar when I'm done with my current task :D
But this is an AGD, at least. And you are good at making simple maps. Have a 5, sir.
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thanks mingler and zoas



fuck! It's hard to explain with the codes.. I'l pastebin it:

You only need to put this on you profile:

(img) changing the *()* to ** this link only for the userbar.

And this link for the userbar linking this map:
[] also changing the *()* to **

Hope you understand and this works

Also you have this about the BBcode []

thanks mingler

thanks for the userbar, although i dont really know how to add it too my profile, ive only been on NUMA a month or so. hehehe.


Seems I'm having a little trouble uploading the userbars. I'll get back to you guys once they're online ;o

sweet level

i really like what you did with the one-way platforms and the zapdrones. 4/5
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Loved! Loved it!! I really love this episode! And its mechanics! Cool one-ways and drones timing.
5aved of course. And a bit improvable run. ;)
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Hahaha nice, working on your userbar now :D


Few tries, now improving it!
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