Modern Battlefield

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Author Nexx
Tags action author:nexx flowy gauss moa-accepted rated
Created 2012-12-01
Last Modified 2012-12-01
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description 100TH MAP!!!!! 5 years after my 1st map!

Action, MOA-accepted (10 yes / 0 no).

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Demo Data

Damn, this is simply beautiful.

How is this not featured yet
and by gameplay mechanics I mean the predicaments one-ways put the ninja in in context of the gausses that are almost always under in sight. tiles go hand-in-hand with this mechanic, and they look well.
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Solid 5

Very nice map.

faster speed

hey, does anyone remember me?
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...faster AGD- that last demo was -1 gold but shows how much faster this route can be...
Demo Data

... this route is still faster...
Demo Data

congrats on 100!

thanks for all the recent plays :) you must tread carefully though, most of my maps aren't very good, i didn't really start mapping consistently well until around map 80 or 90, below that number they are very hit or miss, but there are still a few good ones mixed in there. i'm gonna go through your maps soon when i get some free time.


Cute oneyways in the RIGHT part.

Faster AGD

Think this is the best route, not sure. Nice map.
Demo Data


...fastest AGD so far...
Demo Data


lovely map.
Demo Data

... never mind about the speed run here is a bit faster...
Demo Data


...tied AGD... i actually think ill have more of a problem with getting a tied speed run...
Demo Data

quality over quantity. fantastic map.
Making something play well has always been far easier for me than making something look good.
But when I'm active, I tend to spend around half of my free time on N, so that combined with simply saving works in progress to .txt files means I can still churn out a few maps a week.

I haven't played this map in so long I've forgotten how to AGD it, but here's a feeble effort. Cheers!
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Congratulation on 100 gems!!

Gratz on 100, man.

Keep on coming strong. :D
@maxson: I just don't make that many maps because each one takes me on average 1-2 hours to make. IMO, a good portion of that time spent is just because I don't have good artistic sense and vision. I'm much better at refining something that already exists for gameplay, so when I have to create or expand something, it's slow and clumsy and tends to be functional in nature rather than artsy.


So out of curiosity, why did it take so long? Do you simply not make many maps or have a strict quality filter?
however, i would yay it if i had the chance. haha, i bet that title scared you :)
Demo Data

Faster AGD

Also got an 870 SR, but I figured you guys could tie that easily. :D
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...faster AGD...

...i really wish i could make maps like this one. its just really well thought out and very flowy. i enjoyed this so much!...

Demo Data


...Faster Speed and could be improved a lot, prolly sub 800 even...
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I´m having 100 too soon.

okay speed

nice 100!
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everybody got his celebration maps lately


congrats! :D

I got 100 maps after 2 months or so... heh :P


Can't believe it took me this long to get here.
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