Dust In The Wind

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Author mrgy05
Tags action author:mrgy05 dust featured mrgy playable rated wind
Created 2012-12-11
Last Modified 2012-12-11
by 9 people.
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This map was featured on 2013-03-28

Dust In The Wind is a beautiful map. It has a clean visual appeal with vertical stripes and a combination of tunnels and open spaces. The drone mechanic in this map is also beautiful. Four seeker drones follow a simple path. They leave that path to sprint towards you, turning around when you slip away from certain electric death. Gold waits enticingly under the watchful eye of two gauss.

This map is fun. You might play it, and you might not. It doesn't really matter in the end. Nothing matters. All we are is dust in the wind.

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A very pleasant map

I enjoyed it while sipping on lemonade, a cool breeze blowing through my hair. :P
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I clooooose myyyyy


no, no, no

You are wrong, Gioum.

CLEARLY you are too lazy to fully interpret the message.

The 'noth' and 'ign' were smushed together, not separated with a space. Therefore, he is insulting the ign reviewers with a derogatory message about how they are 'noth' (since the noth is next to the ign) and also how they can't afford mattresses.

Wow, PALEMOON, you are something else... :P

First try

I can imagine this map would to chug out speedy AGDs.
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is a winner to me :D
"nothign really mattress" If you inspect the quote into further detail, you can read "noth ign really mattress", which actually talks about how good ign editors and reviewers are at making moth-based mattresses.

Anon, I have one of their mattresses and they are incredible if you want an exquisite intervention with Morpheus.

nice demo, a_p


best route i could find. this map surprised me, it was more fun than i thought it looked. nice map for highscoring.
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Excuse me sir, but my bed right next to me has a 100% legit fluff-mattress on it, covered with a nice warm comforter.

I beg your pardon young man.

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random demo I don't even know...
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This is awesome.

Really, really fun - the drones' path is so simple, yet perfect.
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