The World is Going to End

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Author efaber
Tags 2012 action agd author:efaber qwertyuiop rated
Created 2012-12-18
Last Modified 2012-12-18
by 5 people.
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Description Not actually. I think.
I completely forgot about it.

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The bounceblocks were slightly awkward to jump around on. I also think the gauss placement makes the middle section very awkward. The gauss combined with the rocket makes dodging both really counter-intuitive. These issues make for a rather rocky start.
If you want to still have the gauss to do that thing in the two tunnels, I'd suggest placing a gauss at the end of each tunnel on the outside instead, and making the middle section only about the rocket.

I like how the first switch is hidden in a kind of alcove, it gives me the opportunity to take a pause to think of what to do after.
I also like how the outside's emptiness contrasts with the inside's chaos.

Overall, I think this would benefit from some polishing and streamlining.
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tough map.


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did you see my comment on one of your old maps with our collab?

I'm down.