Zap in a Toilet

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Author lsudny
Tags action apulse author:lsudny invalid lsudnycollab unrated
Created 2012-12-31
Last Modified 2012-12-31
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Description collab with APulse/Invalid!

map name by Toilette (how matching) :P

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its just getting annoying that everyone is all of a sudden multiaccounting the heck out of NUMA (besides wafflesoup, which is legit). But whatever, I believe you.

o I thought u were

that new Tetra guy. His style matches you EXACTLY :P

but whatever

Tetra guy?

You must be joking. I didn't mean for you to take it THIS far when I said make more race maps... :P
how did you learn english? jc


i was gonna say, you look young :P But anyway that video is like drugs on steroids... why does the kid pass out? is he drunk or something?

is this kid you?

I don't understand polish and I don't feel like translating.


Completely amazing.
Demo Data

but 4

four toilets

holly fucknuggets

fun but i couldn't figure it out till i watched the agd

Me being stupid:

sorry but I have no idea what that is. I know IRC stands for internet relay chat, but what is that website? I searched it, but google only showed me that guys main page. and what is the #n-mapping thing? sorry :S


you ready for the collab? do you have a forums account? if so, pm me (same name)

Happy new year

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Yo sudsky,

want to collab? I feel like collabing with you also, even though I am working on another collab right now with Mohit.


pretty cool!

enjoy the lack of intense threats on the left side.
Demo Data

Ferrous Oxide



Happy new year

Przede wszystkim zyczę Ci mniej rakiet (;

i honestly

have no idea


the hell is toilette