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Author mercuri
Tags action author:mercuri fast nevermore ok rated symmetric
Created 2013-01-07
Last Modified 2013-01-19
by 6 people.
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Description - what the hell, ninja, it's the millionth time you want to try again that room, why?

- i can do it faster. only once again, master. i'll succeed this time!


inspired by the master nevermore, i made this little fast paced action map.

have fun finding the fastest way to finish it (if there is one).

there are a lot of ways to activate the switches and various combinations of jumps, etc. good luck.

fastest wins a kiss directly by me :-*

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nice man, thanks for playing it ;)

lol, did I say AGD?

I meant SGD.
I was never a fan of maps like this, but I think you've done a decent job of this style: it flows pretty well and there's some interesting possibilities. I personally liked getting up to the exit the best.

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Do you ever saw the rates of my rateable maps?


yeah why? it used to be cool seven years ago, and i like dogs (got two)

smile dog?


Great map.
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eh euw eah nah no thx
Im not gayapple
but I'll have my kiss now :)
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playtested by eto...

also i award this map a 4/5 and this:


some oldschool poop right here.