23-3 Think Outside the Triangle

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 23-3 3 author:r3d_n1nj4 corner-jump episodes featured rated series
Created 2013-01-24
Last Modified 2014-01-24
by 11 people.
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Description this was going to be my entry for leo's contest MULTI THEME MADNESS [] but i was too late. anyway, enjoy! just a little corner jump map.

This map was featured on 2015-03-31

Good things come in small packages, and Lopsided Sierpinski Triangle Map here is no exception. It’s kinda cool that each side of the main triangle has its own distinctive play style. But what I really like about Triangle Vomit Map is how much it accomplishes with so little. With just simple tiles and very limited space, it somehow delivers interesting and varied maneuvers, all wrapped in a stylish theme. There’s not enough room to develop these things; instead, the map distills them down to their essence. The only problem with Wannabe Triforce Map is that it’s over all too soon. — Nexx

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improved agd

(because Aidiera challenged me on NReality...)
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Thanks so much for the feature, Nexx! I really appreciate it! :D
Amazing review as always!


Too generic for my tastes.

by the way...

here's an agd.
Demo Data
flawless spelling and grammar, too... so... thanks for that.
Really well done, sir!


I got unbanned!!!!!!!!! :D

and hit me up with your edit whenevah you want
some day Ill talk with gaming wolf or gloomp or someone and hopefully use logic to get unbanned. But you can start. I might not be active for a lil while though


I pmed him in private chat saying I had heard of him and he probably didnt know be but Im glad hes active and then he told flag some random person stalked him in pm and...

well can we do it in comments if trance agrees? at least with me? I prefer comments anyway :3

I can't

flag banned me for """"Stalking""" lightning55 when I tried to introduce myself to him
But there is many time I have not hear from deep_blue, I think he is taking a long and deserved break. But yeah, sounds really cool man!

I have to say that i didn't updated the thread for the previous guest maps included in the 2nd MOSS Column, but I don't know if you downloaded it ago. We're right now in the middle of the creative process of 3rd Column, but also I want to say you our intention for 4th Column. It is planned that the fourth column is a complete collaborative with anyone, the idea is something like 'growing moss' in prime numbers, and everything, tilesets and objectsets grow under prime numbers, for sure you can make another guest map, or may be waiting for the project for 4th Column. Everything will be explained later in the thread that I will make in the forums for that.

Also, I encourage you once again for you continue making the project of re-objects of Metanet Contesque. Thank you Reddy!
I like it. :D You're a great mapper, with some outstanding ideas, and you got a really classy style lately. I would like to talk to you in real time, it would be possible at some point?

IRC now? please ;)


5/5 from me.
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Fun map!

i edited mercuris new theme a bit to "action packed (an action map with maybe a rocket or gauss)" Check out forums

IRC now?


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cool map, probably you'd have won. i posted the next theme, this time post the map in time so you can win lol ^^

heh heh heh

thanks man! glad you liked 0-04 too. i like making little speedrun challenges like that one

Rated 5.

Yeah Reddy!

This one would have been an impressive entry frankly, is a shame.
I'm starting to really love your maps.
btw, 0-04 also is awesome, the one with launch-pads, just clean, clever and challenging. I liked it! ;)


can always count on you to beat my demo :D hahahaha!!


...twice as fast lol...

...good stuff here its simple and has a good technical jump mixed in...

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