Decaying Dystopia

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Author 1211
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Created 2013-02-04
Last Modified 2013-02-04
by 32 people.
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Description CTRDDA collab with Mohit_Ghune! This was another DDA I started about a year ago, but never finished. Enjoy!

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I fucking love the relative minimalism of this one. Plus that final over-the-top and slide down is just great to watch. :D

Totes reem?

Hashtag #swag. Yolo, I have 5aved this salty potato.

Now that I've expressed my opinion, you can kill me now.

Pick a joke:

1-In Soviet Russia, NINJA CHASE ROCKET!

2-Chuck Norris ninja doesn't run form rockets. Rockets run from Chuck Norris ninja.

Who is chasing who?

funny dda

Cheers, everybody!

Thanks for checking it out!
no, but literally. Secondhand rocket smoking KILLS.

This is a crazy close-up KRA. Faved.


And I didn't even do anything

this is some next level shit right here

I wonder

how long this is going to stay on hot maps


I'm not a big fan of KRAs or CTRs, but this was definitely a mindblowingly good exception. Instant 5ave and great job to both of you!


Demo Data


that was one of the most mind-blowing things i've ever seen. ever. 5aved.


@Tommy for complementing the middle part.

I agree with suds

The middle part was much cool though. 4aved for the work involved

It's horrible.

but you wanted a map

and you deserve the consequences

This is pretty cool

very smooth

synced up with the tribe called quest i'm listening to


finally, n and the rocket, living together, sharing the same space peacefully. if n and a rocket designed to kill n can get along, why cant the rest of us? 5/5 XD

Because it was missing two rockets

just GREAT!

my two amazing dda-buddies combine to make a masterpiece. Awesome! 555555555/5
I wasn't very fond of this one. It's cool and all, but not exciting enough for my tastes. it felt like a reheated meal from the previous day. I appreciate your hard work, though.

5/5 without hesitation!


also, please try to finish the tileset work on my HRCTRDDA. i want to submit it soon :)


The rocket and the Ninja interaction is awesome.
Also, the relaxed pace.
Nice work guys!!


the tileset turned out to be exactly what i thought; amazing. :)
Thanks, @Aidiera for complementing the top right part. It was the position where my contribution to the CTR ended. :D
I like how its all so peaceful
aaand I agree with the apple :D
surfing the rocket


for the top right.
like best ever?