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Author Traveleravi
Tags author:traveleravi cereal hexagon pig-latin unrated
Created 2013-02-06
Last Modified 2013-02-06
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Map Data

Description This map is dedicated to Zoas for the first real introduction to short, small maps.

I can't wait till he and deep_blue finish the 3rd column of MOSS, the first two were spectacular, and if you haven't played them you should.

I also want to say that I am really impressed by Leo, he has rapidly improved his maps in a very short period of time and is now giving pretty good advice to people. Everyone check out his maps. (btw leo I realize that you for some reason love the fact that you can go through oneways by wall jumping but chill man its kind of annoying to play levels where you have to do that.)

And lastly to ElHombre, you totally stole my connecting maps idea but I am not even mad. The connected maps look really cool and everyone should check those out too. Keep going you are halfway there.

I haven't worked on my packs in a while because I have had a lot of other things in my life (hw and tv shows mostly...) But hopefully I will work on those a little more :)

I would like 5 different dragon themed tilesets by different mappers. Many of you make amazing tilesets and I would like to feature 5 awesome ones in my mappack. So please give me dragon tiles!

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I'll get IRC just in 5 minutes ok?

Part 2

I like discussions,
I honestly think that my actual mapping and my new maps look much better by far than my early ones, I guess it will just taste, but I think I've take an harmony and style at tiles now, and before there was none of that. You can see it yourself on the23 or in the last zoasbe maps, my early maps were so noob.. :P
Don't be so harsh, these are my first maps!

Seriously, just kidding, I really appreciate that, and so unexpected Trave. I am very grateful to you
Thank you! ;)

Thank you!!!

I really appreciate you're going throught my work!
Make me happy! Pretty happy!

btw, steal what you want, and you rated 8 out of 10, not all 10 and you say rating in everyone.. :( :P


Fun map :D
Demo Data

Ok, 2/2

26-4: Exagonhay Ourfay
And to finally take a better one, the essence of this one is really fine. I like it for one thing, that is... confusing. The first time you play it, without knowing why, you tend to go to the bounces instead of the bottom plate, and that makes you get crazy because, then after reaching the bottom platform is crazy due the mines. Then, you'll realize that you must go first down before the bounces, cool thing. The first impression that I had with the glitch of the switches in the bounces (that micro-propulsion that you take) was not so sure, but now I like, and why? Because it's fun and not all maps have to be conventional, so you must control that micro-propulsion to use the bounce, and this makes the gameplay in something new and unconventional. Really nice job, Trave!!! ;)

As general thoughts, I really like the style and the simple stylish episode you got here. I also really like how you fit them and order it, not being XX-4 the harder, and having some strong points in between, like XX-2 and XX-3. I am very satisfied with your work. Thank you very much. A very good episode in MOSS, sure.

If not too much trouble for you, I'll put the titles plus 'by Traveleravi' instead of put you in the author spot, because all the MOSS maps, have both spots (author and type of map) with the title of the pack. Again, cool 26th episode. I am very grateful.

And some quick thoughts for this one, and of the essence of simple maps.
You see? like still 15 frames faster this one could be done..., you know what makes them unique to the small and simple maps? Just what has happened in this, that you plan a gameplay, an idea, a concept, and someone comes along and it turns the whole map, and do something you did not expect, this is exactly what motivated me to do more and more VODKAS, see how Eddy and Raif and others always surprise me with something new that did not expected and was not planned. That's interesting.

Thank you.

Ok, 1/2

Just waited a bit to have more free time to write my /extended/ impressions to the 3rd MOSS column episode you did.

Due you put a lot effort and you really made an awesome stylish episode, you finally got ideas, I mean some really impressive ideas from somewhere and you did it really quickly, I want to thank you back in some way, here my words.

26-0: Exagonhay Erozay
It really moved me the first time I saw and played it, a simple map, but also unique, with a unique style, very yours, you know, maths, a further twist to simple maps. Well done, but with new editions I much prefer it now, the new jump you added gives a bit more flavor to the map and get fit more in the whole episode.

26-1: Exagonhay Oneyay
Awesome simple map keeping the style you created for this episode, the rocket works really well and the last jump/fall to make things faster is really impressive and precise. I really like this one.

26-2: Exagonhay Otway
Even better, the first time that I've played it I found it odd, but cool, and something really challenging. You remember that I told you in IRC that I liked the thing with the really close mine to the one-ways? Ok, but I still relly like it, if you get the one-way with some strenght and just in the middle you explode, and that's really cool, it forces you to get the one-ways in other spots that are not just the center, and that gives to the gameplay a sure cool adittion. But now, i think is not that challenging, is just the kind of map that more you play, more you like and more you make things better, now it is a really nice simple and easy'ish highscoring map. I really like it.

26-3: Exagonhay Eethray
Ooooh, a new one! And super, super cool!
The episode is progressing really nice. I like many things on it, the twist you did to the oneways, actually i really like how you put them, the laser-chaingun combo, awesome, and the jumps in it and the idea of ​​running off the one-ways down. Cool one!

legit in nreality

Demo Data


Demo Data


put your 48 frames run here!!


screw your ability to jump higher than me.

Part 2

sub 60 speedrun. Im assuming it isnt supposed to happen? :/
Demo Data

awwww :3

Thanks, man. Also thanks for putting the quantum thing in your pack. I might submit it sometime, I might not. If you really want me to then i will definitely advertise by posting it! And yes, I love one-ways... they are so fun and awesome to work with their mechanics. But ill try to stop with too much one-way corner glitches haha XD.


You weren't supposed to be able to do that :|

Cool demo.


Faster. sub70. Demo in NReality. 100.450
Faster is still possible, like 10-15 frames still left, but now, really I'm done! XD
Demo Data


Faster and cheating the map chimneying the one-ways.
Man, I really like this one, because the cheat is really hard to do at least for me, I always hatred chimneying one-ways with such little room, and I like the challenge, bot ways are a bit frustrating and that's what I like.
Man, I have tried to make the chimney /hundreds/ of times, and I have done it only two times. But hey, I'm done!
Cool map!

Demo in NReality.
Demo Data

AGD using the intended route, is also really challenging.
Demo Data

lol at the 'pig-latin' tag! XD

You're welcome.

Uhmmm, quite self explanatory, well done. Just wake up, I'll check the rest. Thank you.