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Author APulse
Tags author:apulse playable rated
Created 2013-03-02
Last Modified 2013-03-02
by 24 people.
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Description nowhere to move

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haha i think someone doesn't like me

I did it guys!

I played a map! :D 5aved.
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remarkably original

and really fun. faved.
Avoid following that pattern and your maps will be farther more flawless than they already are.

lol every time i map there's always 1 part where i fuck up

interesting but ultimately confining

much like life


I love the looks of the tiles, it is really atmospheric. You really feel like you're in a cave.
The thing that surprised me was how it plays, because it is very enjoyable.
5/5 well done :)
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I was just running out of porn!

The demo is an agd
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never seen something like this (it has been done probably, i don't know), faved and 5

oh man

such a good idea. so much fun!

fun to play

the first part was exciting


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