Night Rider

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Author APulse
Tags author:apulse featured playable rated
Created 2013-03-07
Last Modified 2013-03-07
by 7 people.
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Description jumper/puzzle-esque hybrid

This map was featured on 2014-01-14

The ninja leaped up onto the next floating platform and kneeled, panting heavily. This ascent to the evil genius’s lair hadn’t looked so bad from the ground.

As he caught his breath, he slowly realized he was kneeling on a pressure sensor. He cursed. He had landed softly enough not to trigger it, but it would’ve hurled him into the mines above. Probably all the higher platforms had these sensors.

Recovered, the ninja looked around. Had he gotten himself stuck? All the platforms were either too far away or required a hard landing. This evil genius guy was pretty good... — Nexx

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my classy-as-fuck previous comment still stands true.
this map is fantastic, great review too!

Damn, that's a really good review


Fun puzzle.
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This is a great puzzle
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but this is another great review.
Very well made! Love it!




you've done this really well. once i got the idea of how to make the jumps, i progressed pretty fast, but definitely made you think. i like that.
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i messed up. You're supposed to get the door key before the upper right gold
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you should have a basic idea of what to do
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