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Author Nphasis
Tags action adventure author:nphasis bounceblocks featured floorguards rated rocket
Created 2013-03-19
Last Modified 2013-03-19
by 13 people.
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This map was featured on 2014-01-11

“Ma’am, I’m afraid your son has octogonorrhea.”
“Looks like he’s had it for years. By now, it’s spread, and it’s attacking his heart.”
“Oh my god! Can you do anything?”
“Your son’s condition is dire. Octogonorrhea is resistant to penicillin and other antibiotics. At this point, our best option is a form of surgery called the NanoNinja. Basically, we insert a microscopic ninja into your son’s chest cavity. The ninja travels throughout the cavity, avoiding the body’s natural defenses while finding and destroying all the little yellow octogonorrhea bacteria.”
“Is it dangerous?”
“Somewhat. Mostly, it’s just really effing cool.” — Nexx

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this is well designed
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tight tight tight

still really fun

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review is perfect

map is also perfect

Meh Speedrun

Nice map :)
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Apparently I touched the exit for one frame before dying. BOOM.

Awesome review, awesome map. I never seem to be able to come up with layouts and structures like this. Really fun to navigate. Faved.
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Awesome! o:

I agree with zoas, excellent review

really nice.

you make some great maps
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super original.


didn't read your link at The New Yorker, but frankly, this IS an awesome review!


There are some slivers of truth to this review. Gonorrhea can spread to other parts of the body, potentially attacking the heart valves. Also, gonorrhea really is resistant to most antibiotics that were previously used to treat it: link []
Also, all of my January and February reviews will be maps from 2013, to help people round out their 2013 Dronie noms. :D

It's all good, man!

I hope it raised your mood by even just a yoctometer. ;) Have a great day!

Amazing map.

5/5. 5aved


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Awfuler demo

but an AGD nonetheless
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Awful demo

but an AGD nonetheless
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but it is nicely build, I like the tiles