Seriously, I Love You.

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Author the23
Tags author:the23 unrated z230183
Created 2013-03-27
Last Modified 2013-03-27
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Description Thanks!!!

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Awesome, Eddy, always awesome!

For those who use debug mode, I do touch the door for a frame before being killed by the drone :P


Probably maxed, thanks a lot to you! :D
Lets test BBCode here.
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well ok then

guess ur not interested in irc? :|

sub200 AGD

... I have made this one sub200 AGD run in dedication to him.
Maybe there is only one frame left, or the best maxed due the drone timing.
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can u get on irc soon? I won't be available mid-day
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Since Jeremoon beat this AGD run by 5 frames...
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slow completion

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