Gypsy Dreams

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Author Pheidippides
Tags action author:pheidippides playable rated
Created 2013-04-02
Last Modified 2013-04-02
by 7 people.
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Description Finally, something that feels like a Pheidi map.

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liked this a lot

back and forth for the gold at the beginning was a bit gross though. Gold itself was the highlight though, looked great
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Such a pretty map.
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This was just plain dumb. 7=
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A bit quicker

Fear the devilish number of frames!
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It's really entertaining. I'd have preferred not to keep having to use the ramp for all-gold at the beginning though. 4/5
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I figured that was possible. Here's a faster run.

Glad you guys like the map.
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nice job here. I had fun.

Love it, I truly do.

True beauty.
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so flipping beautiful

i like that scorpion tail style outcrop in the top right, looks a lot like part of an old mintnut map.

this was odd. the gauss made the bottom feel really tricky, and the top section was so easy after it that it felt insubstantial.

nice atmosphere.


I liked it
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Faved 5/5
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agd -50

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do i get up there
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