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Author apse
Tags adventure author:apse playable rated tileset
Created 2013-04-13
Last Modified 2013-04-13
by 6 people.
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Description a sparkling adventure.

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structure. Love it. Rated.
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(^me having a sparking adventure)
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anyways, I love the jumps here. I feel like a couple of mines would add a nice depth to the map, but it's fine without them. 4.
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nice run there meta

dripping would be nice, i agree. but there's the eternal problem of the limited colour palette with which we have to work.

Eh, yeah maybe

Well even still, something that represents dripping is probably what I'd do with these.
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Really nice.

I kinda rushed this, but I want to go back and explore.
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doesn't work for me

they're too angular for me.
As drops from the icicles
its a great jumper/adventure map.
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i felt that objects just took away from the atmosphere.