Compartment Bombardment

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Author 123leonidas321
Tags action author:123leonidas321 contest fun hailsparta leofeatworth unrated
Created 2013-04-14
Last Modified 2013-04-21
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Description I'm bored...

Oh yeah this is a ded to trance because he won 1st place in Underground week.

Also, A contest!!!!! Slightly inspired by NUMACON
1) Select any tileset from this selection. []
2) Create a map from the tileset!
3) You may change/add/remove up to 20 tiles.
4) You may add up to 70 objects (not including gold).
5) You may add up to 30 gold pieces.
6) You may move the initial ninja.
7) Each user may submit up to 2 maps, but a user can not submit more than 1 map of the same base-tileset.

Tag the maps: hailsparta

Submissions can go until Saturday, April 20, 10:00am EST.
Prizes will be determined.

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maxed, i think

sub-100 speedrun.
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Guess I did not see this as it's dedicated to me. Just wanted to say thanks for this, even though I have trouble completing it.

Hey Leo!

Wait for judging. I'm going to post a map for this contest, a NReality one.
You might like it. ;)

When do I win?

So when are the results? Is it extented? ; D
ive been having some trouble making something out of the tilesets. also, my internet has been really irritating because its not working and i have to use my neighbors internet. i have homework to do aswell. so, yeah. ill seewht i can do. no promises ill be able to post it before the deadline.
my final decision: please extend the time to Saturday, April 20, 4:00 pm EST.. please..:)


i looked through this the other day and i didn't know what to make out of any

I thought I'll improve my chances of winning by showing some interest in your contest map. xD
Demo Data
I was talking to the guy who wrote that quote...

streets, just click on the link and you will see 5 different tilesets.

there are no objects to remove ; d

you can add up to 70 objects
and up to 30 gold
We can remove/add tiles but what about objects?

hmmm....sounds good

ill give it a try. sonds like a fun contest. i was going to compete in the current NUMAcon, but i just dont have any ideas for the tileset that hasnt yet been done. but, ill give this a go.

the rules are pretty 'meh'. it was not hard to fit under those rules ; P

Here you go []

Bonus points for not moving the ninja plox.

"I once made a map that is similar to a map that you made. Haha I did it first nana nana booboo."

I also never said anything like that. I said, that I already used one of those tiles by him in the past. You can check it at the link. Usually, you're clever, arrogant.

I guess I could try. I'll just eat my breakfast and see if I can think of something cool.
The tiles are pretty akward though ; D


i'll see.

512 []

Gosh Dang it.

Also, count me in.

  • You
  • Never
  • Played
  • 512 []


yeah I was making fun of zoas. :D


I don't remember saying anything like that...


"I once made a map that is similar to a map that you made. Haha I did it first nana nana booboo."


my entry []


I forgot to say what to tag it with XD

k tag it: hailsparta


I was thinking about the same exact question. I already made the first entry and thank god there's just 1 more tag slot left.


~What should people tag their maps as?~




*tag *for

8. Add a one-does-not-simply-tell-a-map-which-take-part-in-a-contest-apart or obvious reasons.