For the best 2 :D

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Author Uniden
Tags author:uniden highscore speedrun unrated
Created 2013-04-21
Last Modified 2013-04-21
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description The worlds best vs each other in a highscore + Speedrun Competition again in 2!
Any1 can play though :DDD


By the Way does Kool-Aid and Vankness still play ??

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Hey well done van, that was the begginnig I was trying to pull off, till I figured twas slower haha

Nvm, turns out this "Kool-aid" rookie is faster in the beginning, too.


I messed up the ending. But I think I win for the first 200 frames, ha.
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Thanks, but yeah I had to slow down to do the rcj instead of a wj, guess its not worthy then.


nice rcj, if you didn't slow down a bit after the firct cj you would have had the 0th

Yeah certainly, same happens in my AGD. Also damn... I was planning that route when you had 297, then I submit my 274 run and I see you had improved to 269 haha.
I'll play n til I'm either 6 feet under or my limbs are taken from me. Unfortunately I don't play as consistently as I used to, but I'm still subbing runs to the boards to this very day.

But yo check this 269 frame speedrun, placing a exit door switch that close to a locked door always gives leeway to activate it with enough speed.
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Faster than kyozo's speedrun, oh boy! Still improvable. Fun map and thanks for the mention again! :D
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Score: 185.625

I liked this map. It´s so cool to get high score in a big map.
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I meant


I'll start.

By posting a slow speedrun demo in which it's framecount (1141) only uses numbers in the last value for the last object (114).
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